Friday, January 2, 2009

Favoritism is alive and well at SBO

Favoritism is alive and well at SBO. When you and your best bud go drinking with the Service Center Manager and agree with him that 'the union will never happen here', you too could get a good position on the dock with a lot less seniority.
A few other employee's who have a lot more seniority then our friend has, did asked Russ and dock supervisors for this position, but were told they did not have the experience for the job. A couple of them had done this job before and still were denied!

p.s. If you try this method on getting a head, don’t go around saying to others that you got this position in the bag. You just might end up on the blog also.

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel alone in this. These ignorant managers try to milk all they can out of us, but they don't seem to understand that they get more from happy RESPECTED employees than from angry cheated employees.

These pimps are going to give their golden boys what they are going to give their golden boys. It is what it is. Who cares? Let them do all the work for the same amount of money. The moment you see it, just realize that you have found the line in the sand. You will never move forward, but the line you have found is the limit that keeps them off your back. Give them no more than that limit.

Between you and me, I intend to become very good friends with our new shop steward no matter who he or she is!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what the hell is a BACKUP teamleader ? I have a big time brown noser who is friends with are manager, and he is walking around with a radio and a clipboard telling his fellow co-workers what to do! and if you say no,to him or ignore him, well be ready for payback from the manager and are real teamleader. my manager needs to open a teamleader position for a second teamleader and i have asked for this but the teamleader that we have does not wan't another one, she does not get along them, so this workgroup has a total of 3 backups! favoritism is a big problem with these three! what can i do ?

Joe Nuno said...

The only thing I can tell you is just follow their ways brother, with out a collective bargaining agreement, you're just an at will employee!!