Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chupi on CNN speaking about our 401k.....


Anonymous said...

if its ok for yrc to take a pay cut why wouldent it be ok for fedex to stop 401k to keep from having to lay off people?? can anyone answer this for me?????????????

Anonymous said...

It was ok for the YRC employee’s to take the cuts because they voted on it. They had a choice in a decision that would help the company and their future. It was just a cut in wages. Their pension and medical benefits were not ,which are all paid by the company. This is where your unions dues go towards. Think of it. If you had to pay for a lawyer to help you with problems your looking at least $300.00 just for a consultation! Now isn’t that worth a hour and half of your hourly wages a month for Teamster representation?

What choice did FedEx give you in your future anonymous???
Oh yeah, NOTHING!!


P.S. feel free to put your real name next time.

irudedog said...

sorry that's 2hr and a half of your hourly wages. which is still a bargin!

Anonymous said...

i would put my name but i wont cause not everything i put will get posted you and your buddy only put up what benifits you guys , you are worst than the mangement of fedex that you complain so much about, im just an hourly employee that dosent know wich way to go but you are making it easier for me when i try to post a question and you dont put it up because i guess you dont have an answer or dont want the other people to know the truth. LETS SEE IF THIS MAKES IT !!

frankiez said...

Re: Anonymous said.
1.as Rudy replied,the Teamsters MEMBERS VOTED to help the company in its efforts to rectify the BAD MANAGEMENT DECISIONS that put them in this situation.
2.Did Mr. Smith NEGOTIATE with YOU to cut your 401k match? NO.AND,think about this,LAYOFFS are STILL happening(visit Truckingboards.com Fedex Freight Forum and see for yourself).
Incidently,who is the 2nd party in our negotiations with the company?It is certainly not the employees.
3.Little off subject but pertinent.According to a transportation analyst to make the system that has been implemented work PROFITABLY the trailers MUST be filled to 70% capacity.Otherwise the system fails.YRC is not meeting the 70% consistently,at least not enough to keep them from getting concessions from their UNION WORKFORCE.Fedex Freight has implemented the YRC system.You decide.Is it working? Don't think so.
4.For you,"Anonymous'",and other management types.Get your act together.If you are going to participate in this forum bring something to it.Not merely the regurgitation of corporate speak.If what you bring is an indication of your capabilities we are in bad shape (You Listening 3floor aka Xman?).
5.We,the workforce,have not changed,the management and environment has.What worked since the 80's has been abandoned.We,as previously stated in other blogs,remained true to the mission.Management has decided to treat us like an expendable commodity thereby creating the NEED for the TEAMSTERS to negotiate(OUR 2nd PARTY) a contract that insures we be treated with DIGNITY and RESPECT and EQUITABLY.
6.Never be afraid to identify yourself.It's an indication of your character-backbone.

Anonymous said...

i would tell you my opinion and my name face to face but like i said in the previous comment i made on this blog you only put what you want , why didnt you post my comments???????????? and if i was faced with the choice of taking a pay cut or losing my job of course i would take the cut they had no choice they would have had to close there doors if they didnt ok it, and you say something about if i am going to participate to bring something to it i was just hoping to get answers to questions i had and and only 1 got posted and when it did someone tried to intimidate me by saying dont be afraid to put me name what does it matter what my name is ????? are going to get someone after me or what? just know im not part of management im just a regular hourly worker

frankiez said...

Anonymous said,"I would put my name".
I apologize for your questions not being answered,nor even posted.
Communicate with me and I'll attempt to answer them,and if I can't will endeavor to find the answers.
Frank Zunt