Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FedEx Faces Suits by States Claiming Labor Violations (Update2)

By Karen Freifeld and Laurence Viele Davidson

Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) -- A FedEx Corp. unit was threatened with lawsuits by New York, New Jersey and Montana accusing the company of violating state labor laws.

FedEx Ground Package System misclassifies its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, officials of the states said today in a letter to the unit of the second-largest U.S. package-shipping company.

Drivers spend thousands of dollars for their trucks, repairs, fuel and uniforms while FedEx Ground controls the hours they work, the way they dress and their ability to get work from anyone besides FedEx, they said. Drivers classified as independent contractors don’t receive workers’ compensation through the company, they said. Nor are they protected by anti- discrimination, labor and other laws.


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Anonymous said...

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