Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our New Line Haul Look in SBO


A Letter From A Concerned Employee:

Rudy, I was a line haul driver for FedEx Express for a number of years in the late 80's early 90's. Without a Union we can expect the same thing here at Fedex Freight that happened to us at FedEx Express. I think it was 1993 when after years of company drivers having bid runs to and from the Hub locations, FedEx decided to farm out ALL the long haul trucking routes to M.S. Carriers, Ozark Motor Lines and Prime. Every line haul driver at every location in the U.S. lost his bid run. We all had to take jobs running back and forth from the aircraft ramp to the city stations. Sound familiar? We lost big money too. We were paid by the hour to run line haul. We also received one hour pay for every three hours that we were laid over in the hotel. It worked out to be about $75.00 a week in layover pay. There was none of this garbage of paying mileage. Mileage pay is simply a way for FedEx Freight to get out of paying overtime to it's drivers. If we as drivers do not act now and stand up against these practices we will all be out on the street soon.


Anonymous said...

WTF are you guys waiting to sign the P T petition if you don't you will be ending working at the walmart store making the minimun wage i hate to see those pt drivers parked next to our trucks and stealing our work i already sign remember only the people that have sign this petition will be awared when we win the PT petition law suit you don't have to be a driver to sign you can be a dock worker a mecanic office worker parttimers or full time employee you got nothing to loose at this time we have lost so much just think about your kids future fedex freight don't care about you or your family all they want is to rip us off with our benefits our senioryty runs and miles we should be happy to have our brothers Rudy and Joe nuno helping us with this petition this is the only way to get rid of the P T drivers.fta shuttle driver\dockworker.

Anonymous said...

Soon the shop mechanics may have some purchased mechanics doing their work like the trailer vendors we use, it will come around why pay 30.00 an hour when you can get it done for 20.00 and don't have to worry about benefits. Hey First Student is hiring for you fedx mechanics looking for work. jd