Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Should you be approached by FedEx union-buster

First Corporate shows you an anti-union video on how the union will invade your life and that the union will be after your union dues. Then Corporate started slashing full time dockworkers into part time workers and taking their full benefits away, and still Corporate has the nerves to tell you we don't need the union. Next Corporate started slashing our Line drivers, and putting them into our docks while the junior drivers runs the prime runs, and also slapping our line drivers in the face by allowing outside scab carriers taking their work away, and Corporate stills tells you line drivers we don't need a union!. Now Corporate invades your home by sending you a post card and telling you folks that the unions are unnecessary at FedEx Freight and FedEx national LTL. Let me tell you something FedEx Corporate you have invaded our homes and have created animosity and confliction between family members who are in unions. Some of us are spouses of union jobs, or our fathers and mothers are members of unions and also brothers and sisters are members of unions. Corporate how do you think family members feel about FedEx now when you come into our home and insult them? Some of these members of unions put food on your tables because you haul their freight, way to go Corporate.

Joe Nuno


Cliff Armstrong said...

This is why you need to attend a union meeting to get educated and find out what your rights are. The meetings are very educational. IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, YOU DON'T HAVE ANY!

Anonymous said...

These cards that fedex is mailing out to us employees is an insult! I have family members and friends who are in a union and this company is telling me that they are wrong to work with a union in the workplace!
Thank you fedex for showing your true colours and I can't wait now for an organizer to come up to me to sign a card. I'm ready to sign on the dotted line!

Anonymous said...

ok be there sunday at 8.30 to show your support. ocy has shown us they care now where is irv, gar,
los. i know wht and fta/sbo have been here alot but it takes an army to win the fight. fedex has messed some people's lives up really bad and will continue to do so if you and i let them. come jan senior drivers and dock workers will most likely be at home more often than at work while new drivers and new dock workers get all the hours. this cannot change without a contract and the union support we need. if you care show up and be conted or we all lose.

Paul Reibson said...

Working Union is a great way to go. As an employee you have rights to join a Union if you want to. Of course Fedex is going to break the law and try to harass you, but as long as a group of employees come together in Solidarity and stand up to the big fish. The big fish (Fedex management) will give you what you want. Live Better Work Union. Get those full time benefits back!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the best time to get flyers out wednesday thru friday. hit oxn, sfv, los, irv, gar, wht, and lets get the word out big time. most employees say they did not get the info in time. have tito or jesse get to these terminals asap. make this the big one in orange brothers and sisters.