Monday, January 26, 2009

Fact Check on Anti-Free Choice Advertisement


Anonymous said...

Well let me say Andy is not the only one who thinks that owns FedEx.. Here in Anaheim, Mike Hutton is been told about Jim Peterson mistreating employees, Jim yells in harsh language and cuss it at us. There are employees who have file stress leave because of Mr.peterson intimidation, oh yeah if you want to be in Jim Peterson side offer to buy beer and drink outside of the yard with him. Mr.Mike Hutton fix this situation or does Jim Peterson intimidate you too... cause we the employees here in Anaheim have a solution, and that is to Join the Teamsters!!!!!

frankiez said...

This is a copy of an e-mailI received from a Truckingboards member in response to an inquiry I made regarding same. You can call the fedex in touch hotline anytime you have issues with the company on any level. It's a 3rd party that transcribes your statements.

Toll free: 866-423-3339

When you call, you can direct your comments to any management person or dept. (Safety, HR, whatever)

You can remain anonymous if you like. They'll give you a case number and you can call back in 5 days for a Mgmt response.

I've used it before, sometimes with good results. If enough people call, they'll even sent a rep to straighten things out.

Wonder why we have never heard of this number?Could it be that the open,candid and honest management ISN'T.
As always use it or lose it.

Anonymous said...

Nice grammar.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Nice grammar.

January 29, 2009 5:09 PM"

You've got a lot of nerve to come here and insult a man who is offering information to help his fellow employees.

What have you ever done to help other people?