Monday, January 26, 2009

See Saw - National Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act


frankiez said...

All I know is this:
Went to the dentist for cleaning,in the past the service was covered ENTIRELY by dental insurance.Got a bill from the dentist for $52.60.Insurance paid $10.40.Wow!!!
Then a few months ago wife was in Kaiser hospital for a medical situation.Normally covered except for the $50.00 fee you pay when you check in.
Just got a bill for $995.00 from Kaiser.
I'm (we) are paying the same or more for LESS coverage.
Thank you,Mr.Smith.Hope you enjoy the new airplane or any other toy you'll purchase with the,"Benefits",savings.
For all of you deliberating the union vs. non-union situation you merely have to look at the numbers to see the reality of the situation.
The TEAMSTERS CONTRACT will prevent our benefits from eroding any more than they have.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Frankie.